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Too lazy to write about myself so things people have said about me that may or may not help you understand who I am.

iiHungry: Hii I'm Sapphire a cute ginger potato. I love pokemon, it's fabulous POKEMON GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL

iiHungry: Roses are red, foxes are clever, I like your butt, can I touch it? O - O Forreevvveerrr.

Light: Sapphire's got sexy bowl cheeks.

[11:26:41] Ashlee: psh. how can I describe saphy. not enough space to write fully but hey I'll make do with what I've got. we've been friends for years. we've had all our ups and I can't think of any downs, you're so caring, loving, thoughtful and sassy as fuck ;). If I ever need advice, saphy'boo is the one to turn too, got an answer for everything and it's always the right one. we don't laugh until we cry we laugh until we vom...yeah LOL >:). we talk like best friends and get mistaken as lesbian lovers everytime we're out together..that's got to mean something hey. I love you boo. <3

Refs: Saph is a wonderful lady. She loves to have fun, and I know she's crazy for tats and piercings, odd fashion (Which is usually good fashion) and having fun with friends. She knows how to cheer someone up and let's not forget she's one of my closest friends. She's can be really upbeat and open, but as soon as you touch her or her friends, she turns ninja mode. Please be nice to this lady because she deserves it <3
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