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Mae has no special someone.

You learn to like someone when you find out what makes them laugh, but you can never truly love someone until you find out what makes them cry.... You never asked what makes me cry... I am nothing but a number on your list, letters on your screen... I have fallen yet again, but I will gather my strength and confidence to move on...

Mis Badges

NOTE TO ALL Perverts and Psychos: No Cybersex, No Religion, No Politics, No Begging, No Nechrophiliacs, No Cam Masturbation, No Nude Pictures Exchange Or Anything Of That Nature. I Am Basically Not Interested, I Come Here To Chillout And Have Fun, The Last Thing I Need is Another Front To Worry About. Push Your Luck And You'll End Up Blocked.

Q: Who owns that badge?
A: If it doesn't say on the badge then I am sorry I can't tell, I feel I should respect the badge owner wish.
Q: Do you have hidden badges?
A: I might do, and if I did I would only grant them randomly to people who grant me their hidden badges and to friends.
Q: Can I buy your badge?
A: No sorry, I don't exchange badges for gifts or credits, I believe that defies the purpose.

Anyway, here are my Requestable badges, feel free to take them and leave... or spare a minute and *Bling* me back or maybe write me a message, I'd love that.

Obtener este badge Be My Friend... ~{Mae}~
Obtener este badge Kind... ~{Mae}~
Obtener este badge Caring... ~{Mae}~
Obtener este badge Groovy!!! ~{Mae}~
Obtener este badge ~ Meow ~ (=^.^=)
Obtener este badge ~ Kitty ~ (=^.^=)

Avatar since: 11/08/06 - United Kingdom - Welcome to my HP (=^.^=)
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Mi lista de deseos

Oops! My Wish List is empty.... Why?

Well, why would a stranger want to buy me a gift anyway? Hmm maybe they:

- Liked me?
- Expect something in return?
- Got too much Credit to spare?
- Missclicked?!! (Duhh!)
- Trying to be nice to a total stranger? (hmm..)
- Or, Just felt like it...

Normally I don't exchange gifts until I get to know the person but thank you anyway and I am sorry if you'd wasted your credits. *Smile*

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