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I am JinitriusImmortalize. Avid artist and creator. I love what I do and I love doing it with the people that I love that share the same Passion. I am easy to get along with and as polite as I can possibly be. But I can get rather irritated. I do HP Layouts. Profile Pics, Product Icons and Product pics along with Banners...If you require artwork done then Im your man.

Character Roleplay :: I am Jinitrius Ulric Immortalize. I am but a humble Blacksmith. I was tought my trade by the master craftsmen of the mountains, The Dwarves. I Roleplay as a Blacksmith and a Lycan. I use this RP to create Weapons, Armors, Accessories and even Rooms and Furniture as a love for creating. So I like to have the best of both worlds. I also Take in Custom Orders in RP as well so feel free to visit me any time. I reside in many areas as I do travel so dont be affraid to hunt me down. I look forward to creating for you and bringing your needs and desires to life. Thank you kindly.

✠ JinitriusImmortalize ✠
Layout Created by me JinitriusImmortalize! If you like My Homepage then Contact me. will surely create for you a work of art just like this one. Custom Layouts range from 25k and Up. Premade Layouts 10k Additional Code cost. (RP Creation) Need a Master Blacksmith to create for you that Legendary weapon you have always wanted? Then Find Jinitrius and speak to him and see what he can do for you/your character Or Visit his Shop by Clicking any of the Banners Below Prices for Customs have Two set Prices. For a "Custom" (Always up for sale in shop but asked for by You) 5k. For a "Exclusive" Creation (Made for You and Owned only by You) 10k. For more Information contact JinitriusImmortalize.

: gaf210 :
One of the BEST Coders in all of IMVU. gaf210 provides coding services to all of the imvu community. You need something Coded? Contact gaf210!

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: Eleanora Moon Balance :
Elegance with just a Touch of Sweetness. Eleanora Derivations brought to you by EleanoraMoonBalance. Ranging from Display Pics and Custom Derivations to Framing and even Accesories and Gorgeous Hairs available upon Request's with a small fee. Shop Eleanora for your Touch of Elegance to make your appearance as Sweet as Possible. Be kind and leave a review after any Puchases. Thank you. For Customs just message me!

Feel free to snag my Banner below! (Banner art by JinitriusImmortalize)

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To all the wonderful people in my life. To those that love me for just me being me, For those with their undying loyalty. This is all for them. I love you all from the deepest depths of my heart. You all keep me grounded and sane and push me to my limits of being the best I can possibly be.
My sweet little Milyanna. How I love her so, Always sweet, Always loyal, been with me since as long as I can remember. I love her with all my heart.

My Nose Nomming Monster, shes my little precious who claims my lap as her throne and my nose as her chew toy. Always my little precious and I love her with all my heart.

The son I never had and I love him dearly, Mate to my princess mily, Hes a crazy little wild shiny Unicorn pokemon thing. Dont try to catch him, not even a Master Ball works, Only Mily has that secret.

My sweet and dear friend and often a model to many of my earlier products. Quite a looker she is for sure. She holds dear to my heart and a loyal friend and companion to me and just all around a sweetheart no matter how weird she thinks she is.

Dear sister of mine. Shes wild and crazy and a wonderful person, shes near and dear to my heart and also a model to my earlier products. Shes a special person to my heard and a wonderful friend.

Dear brother of mine. Hes one of those dont screw around and dont be more random than he is or its a challenge...A serious nut if you ask me, But I love him none the less. Also another model of mine from earlier products. Faithful and loyal and all the love between him and his mate combined. Love them both.

My Nephew that I love dearly, always a great friend and as loyal as they come. Id do anything for him and he knows it. Be strong my dear nephew. Just as I will.
My Sweet niece. I love you and will always care for you, you have always been such a caring friend and a wonderful family memeber, everytime you checked on me or shown your worry for me, It made me just a bit happier :) Thank you.

Wonderful and a bundle of delight you are my dear niece. Hard to handle, hard to understand but so easily loved just because of that wonderful nature and caring heart you have. I love you dearly.

Welcome and Salutations. I am Jinitrius Immortalize, Bringing you the best Armor, Weapons, Accessories, Rooms and Furnishings. Also, If you buy from me. Please rate and Review my products Honestly TY :)
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