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Welcome to the Nightmare. I'm just a weirdo gamer and anime nut. Love Music, Anime, Manga, Art, Roleplaying and Drinking. Wanna know more? Just come and ask~♪♫

Let's see here.... Full details are as follows
Name: Melody
Nicknames: Psy, Rose, Mel
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Relationship: Single
I love Anime, Music, Art and Roleplaying. I mostly do Fantasy RP, but always open to others.

Chibi Usagi (Best Friend) Luka~sama (Best Friend) Kink (Close Friend) Harley (Sister) Angel (Sister) Momo (RL Sister)

What I love is my solace, my music, my art, my anime, my roleplay and my alcohol

Do I like Erotica Roleplay? Yes, I do.
Am I in the BDSM Lifestyle? Yes, I am. I am a Switch. Ask me for more info.
Am I interested in relationships? Nope.
Will I be your Senpai? Depends. Are you fine being a lowly peasant?
The Nightmare has come. Hide away in your closest, hide away in your beds, but know, the Nightmare will always know where you are~♪♫
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