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F.A.Q User generated questions.

1.) Do you do custom skins? Yes! Click Here.

2.) What skin/head are you wearing in your icon?
-I only wear my skins. Any head I wear is most likely a custom or it can be found in my shop!

3.) Do you sell any of your files?
- I have only sold one file before. I do not plan on selling any of my files again but if I do be sure to check out my group.

4.) Do you have instants that I can use?
-No I dont.

5.) Can you lower the price of a custom skin or give me it??
-NO. Users have paid lots of money or credits to order a custom. I do not give away their custom products nor will I replicate them if you decide to order a custom.

6.) Can we be friends?
-I rarely get on to chat, but shoot your shot! If I don't accept it DM me, I have 800+ friend requests.

7.) Can you be my mwommy?
-I'm not ready for that much responsiblity sorry.

8.) Can you gift me?
-No sorry, I dont earn credits. So the credits I do have I only spend on creating.

9.) Can you teach me how to create?
-I would if I had time, but there is tutorials on YouTube!

10.) How come you wont answer my messages?
-I either did not see it OR you have your preferences as friends only/no one can message you.
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