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Welcome to my lair. Please make yourself comfortable. Enjoy the lovely picture of me and my family, or read of my past. Thankfully though you can not read of my future, because that would take the excitement out of everything right? Yes, darling I'am a vampire, but do not fear, I won't bite you unless you give me a proper reason. Besides you are cut in my web already are you not?

Online Status: Active

I currently have a room open to the public called "A Vampires Refuge" Yes is it mainly meant for vampires but any are welcome as long as they show respect. Look to the right of my page to see a picture of the living room. The room has a house, a guest house, a soothing lake, and a wonderful garden area. Feel free to join at any time it is always open.

Alias: Khaelyni, Khae

Mate: None





Abilities: I can mesmeriaze any being when I sing.
1.) Please leave a message!

2.)Do not beg me for gifts.

3.)Do not beg me for credits.

4.)Please do not ask to cyber with me.
Khaelyni was 19 before she became immortal and was the oldest of her siblings. The American Revolution was finally ending and soldiers were returning home. 1784 was the year she became immortal. She lived on a plantation in South Carolina with her many siblings and her mother. Her father was killed in the American Revolution and her mother was yet again about to remarry. French soldiers were very common in the area, making sure that all the newly developed colonies were safe. Khaelyni had heard many stories vampires, but they were always told as myths and legends nothing more. One night after Khaelyni had helped bring her brothers and sisters to bed. She had seen out the window a disturbance among the animals they housed on their land. She went downstairs and locked all the doors and windows. Her mother had been gone for almost a week now, making wedding plans for Khaelyni's soon to be step father. She had looked out the front window as she saw a soldier come down the road. He appeared to be french. She decided to open the door, seeing as how this road only lead to her home. She had a lantern in her hand when she was waiting for him. When he finally made it, he introduced himself as Andre Piercy, she was surprised to see he did not have any sort of firearm, only the uniform that he was clothed in. She was curious of him and she allowed him to enter the house on the grounds that he stay in the living room. She got him some water and mended his wounds that seemed to have healed quickly but she assumed the night was playing tricks on her eyes.. She then left himto sleep and when she awakened, he was standing over her. She saw his fangs and how he was unnaturally alluring to her. He had warned her to not scream, for it would be the last night her brothers and sisters would breathe. That night she became.... immortal. She was with him for almost 100 years, as his student. She did however adjust well to the change, and he saw a sense of strength in her that made her a prime candidate to rebuilding their race. He had taught her many different ways of hunting, She however went her own way, when she was 100 years old. In the tradition that she may one day find a student of her own.
I was given the kiss of death by my "father" Andre Piercy. Yes I call him my father because he taught me everything I know in this dark life. He said that he chooses his descendants very carefully. Ensuring that every human given the choice between joining the undead, and going into the afterlife, had something more to offer then just random selection. He looked for traits as a human that would perhaps be enhanced as a vampire. He looked for wisdom, courage, and intellect. He mostly looked for strength. Not necessarily physically but mentally as well. Humans that are mentally weak and were changed into vampires, they would normally let themselves starve after being changed and faced with the fact that they need human blood to live.

I'am part of the Neforatu family. We are a coven of vampires with many different views, but have banded together to help save the vampire race from extinction.

I' am new to this family, and was quiet shy at first, but they accepted me into the family with open arms. Knowing little about my past. They are perhaps the most welcoming vampires I have ever met, other then my Father.
A Masquerade my Family hosted for a dear friend. This is everyone that attended the ball. All beautiful creatures of the night.
The masquerade
Greetings Travelers. Yes, I'am a vampire, and fortunately for you I have restraint.

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